organoid wallpaper

These variations are now processed on flax fleece or self-adhesive foil:

WILDSPITZE – alpine-hay
WILDSPITZE MARGERITTA – with marguerite blossoms
WILDSPITZE HIMMELBLAU – with lavender and cornflower petals blue

and because of the great demand:

ALMWIESN – alpine-hay with colourful petals of e.g. arnica, heather, cornflower, rose

The organoid wallpaper will be rolled up for transport, can be cut easily and can be fixed on walls like a wallpaper (recommendation: AURO 380) or sticker.

The Organoid Wallpaper was awarded the AiT Trend Award at the Heimtextil 2018 in Frankfurt/Germany!

Natural Wallpaper on flax: weight ca. 450 g/m², thickness ca. 1 mm
Natural Wallpaper on self-adhesive foil black: weight ca. 950 g/m², thickness ca. 2 mm

We recommend AURO Universalkleber Nr. 380 as adhesive.

Datasheet Natural Wallpapers