Landhotel Broda

WILDSPITZE ROASA - Landhotel Broda 2 677x422
The Landhotel Broda – designed by Ralf Meier – in Neubrandenburg/Germany made a commitment to sustainability. All materials used were selected because of their design and ecological characteristics and create now a wonderful sleeping experience.
WILDSPITZE ROASA - Landhotel Broda 1 677x422
The walls are breathable, the carpet contains parts of corn, the guests rest in coco-mat beds. The wall behind the headboard is applied with our natural surface WILDSPITZE ROASA. It is illuminated indirectally and emits the gentle scent of alpine-hay and roses.
WILDSPITZE ROASA - Landhotel Broda 4 677x422
WILDSPITZE ROASA - Landhotel Broda 3 677x422
A further room was decorated with organoid natural surface SKLETTBLATTLA:
SKELETTBLATTLA - Landhotel Broda 6 677x422
SKELETTBLATTLA - Landhotel Broda 5 677x422
Congratulations to this successful hotel project!

Landhotel Broda GmbH
Oelm├╝hlenstra├če 29
D-17033 Neubrandenburg OT Broda