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By using our natural organoid surfaces, you are bringing nature to people. At the same time, you are supporting local agriculture and using resources which would otherwise be thrown away. Organoid is your partner who understands sustainability and is certified to implement it.

Fresh off the press

With our rolled goods, we are now nominated for the renowned German Sustainability Award 2023 in the category Design.

Learn more about it here.

Sustainable Development Goals

Climate change affects all of us. It is up to us today to protect the Earth for future generations and use resources carefully. We do our part to mitigate global warming und fulfil the Paris Climate Agreement as well as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. With our products and trade, we have set the following 9 challenges as our sustainability goals:

  • Good health and well-being
  • Gender equality
  • Good jobs and economic growth
  • Innovation and infrastructure
  • Sustainable consumption and production
  • Take action to combat climate change and its impact
  • Life in rural areas
  • Peace, justice, and strong institutions
  • Partnerships für the goals

You can find all our measures and values for sustainable trade here.


Ongoing research into even more environmentally friendly production methods

Organoid is part of the Bioeconomy Austria network. Together with our research partners, we are working on even more sustainable manufacturing methods and highly durable coatings in line with the principles of a circular economy. New, innovative materials made from natural materials, such as highly resistant and durable flexible wood veneers, should be able to withstand high mechanical stress in the future and fulfil systemic requirements such as flame and fire resistance. Learn more about the project: Download the poster session on the “softTOUCHwood” project at the Bioeconomy Austria Summit 2023 here.

Direct Trade

Cooperation with local farmers

We receive our Alpine hay and flower petals from farmers in our close vicinity. For their hard work and the extraordinary quality they provide, we pay up to seven times the normal market price per kilogram of hay. That way we actively support local farmers and create value in the region.

for humans

Biophilic Design

Organoid takes nature to where people spend most of their time: indoors. The natural surfaces have a calming effect with their look, feel and fragrance and add a nature experience to the room.

  • Positively impacts health
  • Reduces stress & lightens the mood
  • Supports focus & performance
  • Improves the atmosphere

for Nature


We use only natural and quickly renewable raw materials. Our sample dispatch is plastic-free, and we use no PVC, cooling agents or solvents.

for the future


We are a certified climate-neutral company. We use 100 % green energy from waterpower, drive 100 % electric vehicles and heat our production plant with process heat.

Green Energy Certificate Tyrol

climate protection

Organoid is certified ClimatePartner

We are carbon neutral – and so are our products!

How does that work exactly? Together with ClimatePartner, we monitored the CO2 emissions of our company and drew up our Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF). This includes heating, energy consumption, commuting, business trips and office supplies.

Wherever possible, we avoid and reduce these emissions. We update our CCF on a regular basis to always have an overview of our measures. All unavoidable CO2 emissions are offset by supporting a climate protection project. That is why we are a climate-neutral company, and all our products are climate-neutral.

Our products are marked with the independent label “climate-neutral”, so our customers can track our climate neutrality and learn more about the climate protection project. This way, we have the highest possible level of transparency about the climate neutrality of the company and our products.




carbon-neutral company and products


To offset our carbon emissions, we support a climate protection project which is acknowledged by ClimatePartner and certified according to international standards. For every ton of CO2 emitted, we send a contribution to the Austrian Nature Park Karwendel to co-finance projects for the preservation of local ecosystems. This project combines regional commitment with international climate protection.

Learn more about the ClimatePartner-Certification and the projects we support here.




Did you know? We care a great deal about the origin of our natural fibres. We give a new life to natural materials and also use waste products for our surfaces, like moss or lavender. Additionally, we also use leftovers of the food industry like peppermint or spelt.

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

Did you ever ask yourself what happens to organoid leftover pieces? They find a new, meaningful use if they are provided to local institutions. Social institutions or kindergartens use the natural material to do handicrafts or to put a special touch on their work. Unnecessary waste is avoided, and the people enjoy working with real, scented natural materials.

The organization Lebenshilfe Landeck creates magical things and recycles the organoid leftovers in a meaningful way. You can see how that’s done in this Video: