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We Are Organoid

With our organoid surfaces and decorations, we take nature indoors. With their natural aesthetics, our impressive designs make your rooms come alive. You can see it, feel it, and smell it.

Our natural organoid surfaces create a good atmosphere and support your health. They help reduce stress, lighten the mood, and increase concentration. With our work, we are aiming to showcase the positive effects of nature.

Our Mission

Humans & Nature

We humans are always looking to feel cozy and at ease – be it at home, at work or during our spare time. On average, we spend over 90% of our everyday lives indoors.

This is why our indoor spaces and our surroundings are vital. Organoid natural surfaces combine aesthetics and the positive qualities of natural materials with functional interior design. An interior that incorporates nature helps us relax and feel at home.

Our mission is to connect what belongs together: humans & nature.

See. Feel. Smell


We turn real Alpine hay, colourful flowers and leaves into fragrant natural surfaces for your individual interior design.

The untreated natural fibres keep their positive characteristics through the production process. Their look, feel and scent make positive memories of great experiences in nature come alive.


Our Values

The production of our products is climate-neutral and the raw materials are from the direct vicinity, because we care about honest quality and sustainability. As an innovative and globally acting company we place a high value on a positive community of employees, partners, suppliers and customers.

The word mark ORGANOID is made up of “organic”, meaning natural, and the suffix “-oid” (ancient Greek for similar).
Our natural surfaces represent 100 % sustainability, authenticity, a close relationship with nature and untreated natural materials.

Our Company Story

  • Christoph Egger

    founder & CEO

    The increasing urbanization and uprooting of mankind demand a timely response with new, natural room design concepts: organoid surfaces.

Our history



Kick-off of the 2022 exhibition series after Corona break



New CEO Team: Christoph Egger & Florian Föger


Hi There Maria

Launch of a semiautomatic production line with rolled goods


Roll to Roll

RTD: Pilot production facility for rolled goods



Organoid® natural surfaces are presented on the market for the first time: The response is tremendous!



Moving into the headquarters in Fließ Nesselgarten in the heart of the Alps
5 employees



Foundation of Organoid Technologies GmbH


From the Idea to Innovation

In a barn, Christoph Egger & Martin Jehart started experimenting with organic shapes – with plenty of help from Alexandra Jehart & Marco Unterlercher. After several years of product development, Organoid natural surfaces emerge.


Thinking outside the box

The founders Christoph Egger and Martin Jehart are united by a common goal:
Doing something meaningful and sustainable for people

How great is this?

Our Team

Career Opportunities at Organoid®

Take Action

Love for nature and our planet – that’s what connects our diverse team. Are you ready to sell sustainable products with us and work for a future worth living for? Become a part of the Organoid family.

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