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Self-adhesive translucent

Our industrial-strength self-adhesive foil is ideal as an additional finish. It can be applied directly on smooth surfaces (e.g. metal or glass) or rough surfaces (e.g. plasterboard or concrete). The self-adhesive foil is free from PVC, contains no harmful substances and is environmentally and environmentally harmless.

The translucent backing is characterised by its look and functionality: well-suited to be used on glass as a privacy screen, on LED-panels for light effects, and on various surfaces for unique colour effects.

  • Free from PVC
  • Environmentally and health-wise harmless
  • Contains no harmful substances
  • Easy and quick implementation
  • Direct application, can be visible from both sides (e.g. as a privacy screen on glass)
  • Suitable for light effects

For more information on installing self-adhesive foil on glass and other surfaces and a PDF download click here.