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Interaction: nature - industry.

The start-up company BASF Digital Farming GmbH is located in one of the crane houses of the Rheinau habour in Cologne/DE. The producer of digital products for the agriculture sector under the name of  xarvio™ offers its staff a mix of various materials and work spaces.

The planners of brandherm + krumrey interior architecture created a concept full of contrasts and a sophisticated mix of materials for this huge office space – around 1,900 m².

Echte Natur trifft auf Industrie-Workspace

Pefection in every detail.

The gentle scenting and allergy proofed Organoid® natural surface WILDSPITZE MARGERITTA is a representative of the natural materials. Hand-cut alpine hay sprinkled with single marguerite blossoms offers a nice contrast to the industrial-chic elements.

Workspaces for all demands.

Private meeting rooms, open work spaces, lounges with panorama view, cafeteria – the suitable locations for all demands of modern working and relaxing areas were created.

So the corporate identity is linked to the interior design – a connection of technology and nature, between traditional structures and mordern ways of working.