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Natürliche Bürowelt

The biophilic design was fully adopted in the innovative Cybernet Headquarters in Tokyo to achieve sustainability, increase worker’s wellbeing and improve our connection to nature in the buildings we live and work. The innovative design is inspired by the traditional Japanese architecture’s flexibility and is based on the approach where flora, raw materials and furniture are the project’s soul.

nature and technology

Skeleton leaves signages with the Organoid® Natural Surfaces SKELETTBLATTLA on brown flexi and the magnetic sound-absorbing panels Orgapanel by Shukoh – realized with Organoid® Natural Surfaces by ADWorld – evocates natural textures, colours and smells.


The organic and sustainable acoustic panels Orgapanels can be used as whiteboard magnets or arranged creatively to compose geometric shapes. The natural surfaces are layered with wood and magnetic sheet and bring a lovely smell that improves the room’s atmosphere.

inspired by nature

The colour palette is inspired by the four seasons. Each of the seven meeting rooms is recognizable by the panels’ specific smell: Organoid® Natural Surface WILDSPITZE ROSENGARTEN with the scent of alpine-hay and roses, LAWENDL with the wonderful lavender scent and IASMIN gives the meeting room an unique atmosphere. The colourful MOUS HELLGRIAN is a real eye-catcher in the meeting room.