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The stylish chalets were created with lots of love as personal retreats. They revolve entirely around relaxation, romantic togetherness and pure vitality.

The holistic and sustainable interior design provides the guests with a pleasant and memorable stay.

  • Heidi Kraft

    Euler Neuschönau

    “Our guests are amazed that such a thing as hay wallpapers exists. They love the special scent in the air when they enter the suites or the forest chalets. Our guests think that the wallpapers fit our concept and they find them very beautiful, unique and ingenious.”

erholsamer Schlaf mit der duftenden Wandtapete WILDSPITZE

The Holistic Nature Hotel

The charm of nature can be enjoyed not just through the breath-taking views of the Bavarian Forest, but also on the walls of the nature hotel.

The functional wallpaper from real Alpine hay has a positive impact on the indoor climate. The guests feel at ease and enjoy the natural material and the atmosphere it creates.

    Acoustics Flooring Self-adhesive Wallpaper wood workers

Scent of Nature in Interior Spaces

The natural and sustainable material WILDSPITZE HIMMELBLAU fits perfectly with the design philosophy of the Euler Woidhaisl. The wallpaper decorates the sleeping and living area and disperses a heavenly natural scent of alpine hay in the interior space.

    Acoustics Flooring Self-adhesive Wallpaper wood workers