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The system Lindner Cube offers a flexible and independent room-in-room. The soundproofed and air-conditioned cube is suitable for a variety of applications, e.g. as a meeting room or lounge in offices, public buildings or hotels.

    Acoustics Self-adhesive Wallpaper wood workers

Naturoberfläche ALMWIESN

Auf verschiedenen Messen, z.B. der orgatec 2018 oder der BAU 2019, zeigte Lindner einen Cube mit einem Wandsegment aus natürlicher Oberfläche ALMWIESN. Auch auf den Abstandhalter im Fenster wurde die bunte Almwiese angebracht.

Auch Lindner-Metallabsorber lassen sich mit Organoid® Naturoberflächen beschichten und verbinden Natürlichkeit und Funktionalität in den neuen Büros.


    Acoustics Self-adhesive Wallpaper wood workers

Wide variety.

Also Lindner metallic acoustic absorbers now show up with Organoid® natural surfaces and combine naturality and functionality in the new offices.

Here again with the natural surface ALMWIESN…

Natural Surface SUNNABLUAMABLIATN (sunflower petals) in the webinar room.

  • Oliver Wieselhuber

    Head of Wal Division

    Working worlds – the focus is on people
    The Lindner Group KG offers solutions for the implementation of modern and competitive working environments. In the planning process, we find specific answers to questions about acoustics, flexible room design, and sustainable building. Organoid offers various solutions for these issues. This enables us to offer our customers ideas for flexible surface design, with improved haptics from natural materials.