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  • Project: LinkedIn Office Dubai
  • Location: Dubai/United Arab Emirates
  • Lighting and acoustics: Acoulite
  • Photo: Nikola Stokanovic
  • Organoid Natural Surface:

Ensures a pleasant working atmosphere

Nature at the office – that doesn’t come along very often, but it actually belongs together. After all, we simply feel more comfortable in a natural environment. And it gets even better with room acoustics that create a pleasant working atmosphere. The LinkedIn office in Dubai was equipped with the WILDSPITZE ROSENGARTEN acoustic panels from Organoid, setting the tone for the future without any unpleasant echo.

Setting the tone

A quiet working environment plays an important role in the office. Sound and reverberation can lead to headaches and exhaustion. Therefore, improving the room acoustics is not a luxury, but a necessity. With an improvement in reverberation time of alpha-w 0.85 according to ISO EN 354, the Organoid absorber panel can make an important contribution to the sense of well-being in the office.

Double action: With its combination of a natural experience and acoustic benefits, the panel creates a real wow-effect in LinkedIn’s meeting room. The team can let its creativity run free in a pleasant environment.

Acoustically effective, naturally appealing

Even a short stay in nature can have a stimulating effect on our thoughts and a calming effect on our emotions. But that is not always possible during the hectic daily work routine. Our solution? We bring nature inside. And we do so with the natural surface WILDSPITZE ROSENGARTEN made from pure alpine hay from the mountains of Tyrol (Austria) and delicate red rose petals. The purely natural material smells pleasant and its texture can be felt when brushing over it. This creates a natural experience in the midst of the hectic daily work routine.

Improvement of room acoustics in the meeting room