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Nature wherever you go

The Slovenian company MMORE Cases Ziga Lunder s.p. applied organoid natural surfaces on their product line ORGANIKA to provide the scent of nature wherever you go.

A mobile natural experience

“Today smartphones are presenting an essential part of our lives, accompanying us on our daily path from the first email when we open our eyes, to the last text before closing them. Since we are surrounded by technological advancements, keeping in touch with nature is even more important than ever.

Exquisit and stylish

At Organika cases we offer just that – Nature at the palm of your hand, anywhere you go. Start your next call inspired and filled with the power and scent only nature can provide.

In order to truly invoke the feelings of connection with the environment we chose only the most appealing materials: energizing Coffee, memory evoking Alpine-hay, love inspiring Roses or the calming Jasmine.” Ziga Lunder

Natural eye-catcher

The cases are looking incredible good
and offer a natural experience during your calls
and also are wonderful eye-catchers!