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Plantagen Sweden

Plantagen [Plantasjen] ist ein führender Händler für Pflanzen und Accessoires in Norwegen, Schweden und Finnland. Mit dem neuen Büro in Schweden wurde echte Natur auf funktionale Weise in den Innenraum gebracht. Die Kombination von echten Topfpflanzen und organoider Naturoberflächen schaffen einen täglichen Mehrwert für das Team. Dadurch wird eine angenehmere Arbeitsatmosphäre für bessere Konzentration und ein gesünderes Raumklima geschaffen.

Geschmackvoller Sichtschutz für den MeetingraumNaturtapete für mehr Konzentration & Kreativität

Improve life with plants

The skeletonized big leaves from real rubber trees are used as privacy screens in the glass walls and doors. The self-adhesive surface SKELETTBLÄTTER creates an elegant and natural privacy screen. In addition, the surface also acts as a tarnish protector.

The delicate surface ROSENBLÜTEN light enables increased focus and creates a pleasant atmosphere in the meeting room. The combination of white eco-fleece and the red dashes of colour directly transports everyone in the room into an airy rose garden.

Blatt für Blatt in sorgfältiger Handarbeit gelegt

Liebe zur natur

The love for nature is in the detail in this office. The front panels of these cabinets have been refined with scented alpine hay and beautiful flowers. Single, perfectly positioned marguerite blossoms give this piece of furniture that certain something. So even during the daily walk to the office’s filing systems, there is a real closeness to nature.

Office to feel good

After productive meetings, the team also needs some down-time to relax. And what would be a better way to do just that than in an environment that is close to nature? The cosy lounge is an inviting place to relax and wind down. The wall design with real wool from mountain sheep improves the indoor climate and creates a feel-good atmosphere. For this special design, it was additionally refined by adding in moss.

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