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Welcome to Stockholm

In the historical main road of Södermalm island our partner pOgm opened the Organoid showroom in September 2020.

A place filled with Organoid®

The showroom offers everything an organoid heart would desire: products for wall, flooring or ceiling applications and many more possibilities…

Also light planners could be interested in the presented possibilities for lamps and backlightings.

All-over coatings or just details

The wall left is entirely coated with WILDSPITZE MARGERITTA – alpine-hay with single marguerite blossoms.

Hop plants find their way across the natural surface HOPFN on the ceiling.

Rich in contrast are the furniture fronts: ROASNBLIATN (rose petals) and MOUS DUNKLGRIAN (moss dark green).  The natural surface ALMWIESN (alpine-hay with colourful petals) covers the top of the sideboards and is applied on the platform as well.

A special fragrance experience

Those who love coffee will feel comfortable on the upper floor. Wall and cupboards are coated with KAFEE surface. The well-known and delicate fragrance fills the air.

To improve the room acoustics Organoid® picture absorbers ALMWIESN are installed on the walls.

Incredible variety of colours

This wall here is covered with BLIATNPRACHT light on white eco-fleece. This wall covering with less density of natural petals freshes up the room atmosphere.

Feels like working outdoors: the desks are covered with green moss surface MOUS DUNKLGRIAN.

Immerse yourself into the world of Organoid® natural surfaces and get inspired for your next projects!
Hope to see you soon in Hornsgatan 29!