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Physiotherapy in a healthy environment

The WILDSPITZE MARGERITTA by Organoid creates an optical highlight in the therapy centre Luttinger. The untreaded materials on the breathable and 100% natural flax backing positively impact the indoor climate.

The health benefits of a natural interior design underline the effect of physiotherapy on people’s well-being.

Conscious and healthy interior design

Design spaces for the healthcare sector with a true focus on well-being – with Organoid surfaces. The scent of various natural materials can positively impact one’s inner state and the look of the untreated plants creates visual interest and a sense of relaxation.

The surface Wildspitze Margeritta attracts the eye without being distracting. The marguerites, which are hand-placed individually, create a playful touch. This creates a sense of relaxation and well-being – for an all-around healthy environment.