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SILEENCIO Workstation

The LLEV DESIGN STUDIO from Turnov/Czech Republic – consisting of the two creative minds Eva Mochalová and Marcel Mochal – proudly presented their new collection SILEENCIO on the fair Designblok 2020 in Praha.
The Organoid® natural surface WILDSPITZE, BAMBOART and MOOS HELLGRÜN on natural flax fleece give the SILEENCIO workstations authenticity and the natural note.

The idea

The designers address current topics and have created this new reinterpreted workplace. The innovative workstation is their response to the current needs of the people and working methods, which constantly change and develop. They highlight the aspects of homeoffice, distance working and support a private and concentrated working area.

Nature in the workplace

Main goal of the SILEENCIO was to combine the advantages of a workplace in the NATURE and the classic indoor workplace. With this workstation the nature moves in the private working environment, without the less pleasing factors like insects or blooming meadows for allergy sufferers.