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People, Nature & Space.

Why Organoid?

Why are Organoid natural surfaces so unique in the world? What added functional value do the sustainable materials offer for your interior design? Our Organoid natural surfaces are a pure delight for the senses – you can see, smell, and touch them. Their biophilic design enables people to benefit from real nature and a healthy interior design in indoor spaces. There is a high recognition value in spaces designed with Organoid.

Learn here why you should make Organoid a part of your project.

Pure delight for your senses

Natural surfaces by Organoid are characterized by their authenticity and naturalness. They invite your senses to discover their natural materials. The surface is untreated so the look, fragrance and feel of the original material is preserved. Authenticity and natural design make Organoid decorative coatings stand out and let you discover natural materials in a new way.

  • Heidi Kraft

    Euler Neuschönau

    Our guests are amazed that such a thing as hay wallpapers exists. They love the special scent in the air when they enter the suites or the forest chalets. Our guests think that the wallpapers fit our concept and they find them very beautiful, unique and ingenious.

  • Stefan Graml

    CEO at Planungsbüro GRAML

    Your wallpaper has been installed since May and has received very positive feedback. Everyone – processors, colleagues and clients – who sees the wall for the first time, goes there and takes a smell!



First impressions matter – first we SEE the natural surface and recognize the material, e.g. lavender. Memories come alive of grandmother’s garden, the holiday in Provence …

A gentle production procedure ensures that the natural properties of the materials are preserved. Nature lovers recognise the processed materials at first sight.



Our attention is engaged, and our fingers and hands want to run over the surface, FEEL the small nuances, explore the different parts of the plants: leaves, stalks, buds, skin …

Organoid surfaces are non-sealed. That way, you can feel the natural fibres. However, sealing is possible when needed.



With our most delicate sense we detect a subtle scent. We close our eyes and SMELL the surface: the scents of fresh Alpine hay, lovely rose, refreshing lemon, energising coffee … they surround us as we pause for a moment.

Organoid natural surfaces improve the atmosphere in your rooms by releasing the natural scent of their raw materials without the addition of (artificial) fragrances or aromas.

Design meets functionality

Biophilia means that humans evolved within their natural surroundings and therefore need nature to feel well. The constructed surroundings as we know them have only developed within the last four centuries. Before, humans lived in nature for tens of thousands of years. In our modern world, connecting with nature is still vital for our mental and physical health as well as our well-being. Learn more about the advantages of a natural interior design for your customers, guests and employees here.

Biophilic Design


The more time we spend in natural surroundings, the more we feel its positive effects in our everyday life. This is where our interior design concept comes in: Thanks to our natural materials you can now also experience nature indoors, which is where we spend most of our time. This lets you be around nature more and for longer, which improves your well-being as well as your physical and mental health. Being surrounded by nature reduces stress, lowers the blood pressure, relieves pain, and promotes health.

  • Sabrina Morn

    architect – Commune de Wiltz

    The acoustic panels have notably improved the acoustic properties of our conference hall. In addition to that, they are a great optical highlight for the room, and they often attract the looks of out visitors. The natural materials of the panels fit our values of sustainability and healthy indoor air quality perfectly.

Become recognisable through storytelling

Organoid natural surfaces are bound to catch the eye and interest of your guests and customers. We regularly experience how people like to ask questions about the materials. This gives you an optimal point of contact to tell your story and strengthen the relationship with your customers.

The authentic materials are very memorable. This is intensified by the scent of the natural fibres. Scents can influence our mood through the limbic system and evoke memories.

Browse our reference projects which are bound to stay in people’s memories. Why? Because the materials used were carefully selected and benefit the people inside the buildings.

  • Nicole Höhna

    Bayerische Akademie für Naturschutz und Landschaftspflege (ANL)

    During the concept phase, I did a little research on Pinterest about mood images for our foyer. When I came across Organoid, I knew that this was exactly what we wanted. We couldn’t have found more thematically fitting surfaces for the walls in our foyer. Our visitors also take a closer look and are interested to see which plants have been used.

Für die Theke wurde das Schilf direkt vom Haldensee auf Flachsvlies verarbeitet.




Pure feel-good atmosphere for a pleasant holiday


Blaue Kornblumen auf akustischem WandpaneelDie prachtvolle und duftende BERGWIESN begrüßt die Gäste bei Veranstaltung





Maßnahmen zur Verbesserung der Akustik im Konferenzraum



Your interior design tells your story


Our satisfied customers and their extraordinary projects speak for themselves. Do you also have a project where sustainable and authentic materials should be used? Simply contact us by email, phone or digitally. Our team at Organoid will be happy to help you.