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  • Project: Kitchenette for Mathys & Squire - Shard Office
  • Location: London/United Kingdom
  • Designer: JWH Design
  • Distributor: Organoid UK - Spyros Kapsalis
  • Organoid Natural Surface:

Clearly improved

Clever use of surface design makes all the difference to this column in the Shard in London: Mathys & Squire’s kitchenette has been redesigned with the RELAX surface from Organoid®. And in an economical and environmentally friendly way: Thanks to the natural surface, the room could be transformed into a place of inner peace and well-being without any major reconstruction.

Relaxing naturally in the big city

The aim was to break away from the incredibly uniform branding and muted colours and create something more homely and relaxing. A space to switch off while eating.

RELAX seemed like a really interesting material that not only provides a sense of calmness (especially when covering a large architectural eyesore) but is also an environmentally conscious choice. The subtle fragrance also helps to reduce food odours.’


Before - After

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