Article number: RLX0000085FVPRW


Soorhing herbal mix in full, premium coverage, available on natural flax backing. Available on self-adhesive and on natural backing.

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Added value

Take a deep breath and feel the power of nature – with the soothing herbal mix used for this surface. St. Johns wort, lavender, lemon verbena, meliot and other herbs give off a fresh scent, allowing your senses to take rest. The natural shape of the leaves and yellow sunflower petals create an appealing texture. For a holistic interior design that noticably imroves well-being.

  • soothing, fresh scent through using a high-quality mix of healing herbs
  • the fragrance and texture make this surface visually appealing and bring real added value
  • the biophilic design of the surfaces increases wellbeing and reduces stress



The healing and mood-boosting qualities of lemon verbena, St. John’s wort, hops, lavender and meliot have been known for centuries. They are used as medicinal plants in teas, medicines, and tinctures of all sorts. Combined with other fragrant herbs and sunflower petals, the soothing herbal mix is crafted,largelyy manually, into high-quality natural surfaces. We do this by applying multiple layers of the natural plants.

  • Medicinal plants with healing, mood-boosting properties
  • scents have the power to positively impact our mood through the limbic system
  • improves the interior atmoshere

Flax Backing

Our flax backing is made from 100% natural components and certified OEKO TEX® STANDARD 100. Its temperature-regulating, noise-cancelling and moisture-regulating properties support a natural and healthy indoor climate. The flexible eco-friendly material is light-permeable and suited for a wide variety of applications in interior design. The natural flax backing is breathable, temperature-regulating, unbleached and proven to be allergy friendly.

Product Details


Raw Material



Light fastness

Abrasion resistance


Technical details


Flax Backing


Rolled goods, width: 1,360 mm


1 m² (≙ ca. 0.74 running metre)


720 g/m2


0,8 mm


Bending radii up to 0,5 mm



Material details

Wallpapering technique

Do not apply glue to the back of the wallpaper, but to the surface. Please note our glue recommendations.

Overlap and double-cut

Each panel overlaps approx. 2 cm with the one next to it. Please note the edge tolerance.

Free match

Free match The naturally scattered materials do not require matching patterns between panels.


The 100% natural flax fleece backing is breathable, unbleached, ecological and climate regulating.


Installation of Organoid natural surfaces on Flax backing as a wallpaper:

  • Wall-pasting technique
  • Pay attention to Organoid glue recommendations
  • Double cut: Each panel overlaps with the one next to it (approx. 2 cm)
  • Cut with scissors, cutter or plotter
  • Pre-trials recommended

Installation of Organoid natural surfaces on Flax backing in woodworking:

  • Process with normal wood-working machinery
  • Glue (e.g. white glue) is applied onto the wooden materials, as the fleece absorbs moisture and glue stains may appear on the front if glue is applied to the fleece
  • Cover the natural surface with the enclosed separating paper
  • pressing temperature. 60°C
  • For sensitive wood-working applications, use a counter-balance (enclosed on request)
  • Cut with scissors, cutter or plotter
  • Pre-trials recommended