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The team of  deroberhammer.com wrapped our existing brochure (with a run of 30 copies) in a new cover and hand-stiched the pages with thread. For the logo our Natural Surfaces were cut into shape with a laser. Now also our brochure follows our slogan: See. Feel. Smell. Explore.


Do you recognize the Natural Surfaces?

O – KORNBLUAMA BLAU (cornflower petals blue)
R – ZIRBN (swiss pine)
G – ROSCHT (pine bark)
A – IASMIN (jasmine petals)
N – WOLLÄ (sheep wool)
O – WILDSPITZE (alpine-hay)
I – MOUS HELLGRIAN (moss light green)
D – KORNBLAUMA ROAT (cornflower petals red)

Mr. Titus Oberhammer proudly shows his two German Design Awards 2019.

Excellent details

The single letters show up with their various colors and surface structures.

This innovation was awarded the
GDA 2019 Winner Typography – congratulations!