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Moar Gut

The family nature resort MOAR GUT in the Grossarl valley in Salzburg/AT attached great importance to sustainability when renovating the children’s area in 2020. The plastic-free play and supervision area was designed by the sustainable design studio IN PRETTY GOOD SHAPE.


Sleep well, naturally.

The youngest guests can relax in children’s beds made of Swiss pine wood for having a rest and sleep in peace.

The essential oils of the Swiss stone pine have a calming effect on the breathing and ensure a restful sleep.

Natural deceleration.

The delicately natural scenting hay surface WILDSPITZE was used as wallpaper in the baby dormitory and completes the natural sleeping experience.

The hay in the mountain meadows is rich in various herbs, flowers and grasses. The pleasantly spicy smell comes from the ingredient coumarin.

Sleep, dear child, sleep...

Dimmable wall lamps decorated with goose feathers provide a pleasant slumber light.

The project was awarded the BigSEE Interior Design Award 2021 and is also nominated for the Green Product Award 2021.