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Well-being at the workplace: how the power of nature can help us

A pleasant and natural environment is particularly important at our workplace. In this article, you will learn how you can create an office design that is oriented towards people’s needs by using natural surfaces. 

We spend a lot of time at work every day – so it is important that we feel comfortable there. When furnishing modern working environments, the wants and needs of the company and its employees are at the focus. The right office design can increase the sense of community and workplace satisfaction and is therefore more than just a nice extra, but a real win-win situation: employees benefit from greater health and well-being, while the employer can rejoice in increased productivity.

When redesigning office spaces, it is worthwhile to pay attention to some factors that can influence well-being. Natural, dynamic design that is geared towards people’s needs is a top priority. 

A healthy environment

Nature does the trick – and not only in our free time, but ideally also in the office. A natural environment gives us humans a boost and ensures mental clarity. Regular walks outdoors improve our mood and increase our ability to concentrate and remember things. But nature walks are often difficult to fit into the hectic workday. We can remedy this: by designing our working environment with a closeness to nature in mind, we bring some of these positive effects from the outside to the inside.

Wall designs with Organoid’s natural surfaces provide a relaxing sensory experience with the scent and look of pure natural materials. The wallpapers are open to diffusion, which balances the moisture levels in the room. This creates both a pleasant indoor climate and a visually stimulating environment.

Our tip: fresh air in the office is important. Complement the effect of Organoid surfaces with regular ventilation and make sure there is sufficient air exchange in the office space.

Privacy screens

Protected from prying eyes, surrounded by natural materials? Thanks to a variety of working environments, modern office design provides the right setting for every activity and thus increases productivity in the company. The right amount of privacy and transparency plays an important role – conversations should not interrupt the flow of work and take place undisturbed. Glass doors often do not offer enough privacy and appear cold and uninviting.

The solution? Glass with privacy screens and window safety decals. Organoid’s translucent natural surfaces provide an outstanding interpretation of this concept. Natural, organic materials create beautifully relaxing light effects and can also be easily installed in an already furnished office.

Our tip: When designing the office, it is important to make good use of natural light sources. Semi-transparent glass walls prevent unusable dark corners.

Room acoustics

Reverberation and noise lead to stress and headaches – we don’t need that, especially when working. Sound that gets reflected back into the room from smooth walls creates an unpleasantly high noise level. Acoustic absorbers provide a remedy by absorbing sound. Organoid’s acoustic solutions create a double benefit: the natural materials create a pleasant feeling in the room, while the acoustically effective panels reduce noise.

This allows you to create an environment that ensures relaxed productivity, especially in busy offices and meeting rooms.

Our tip: You can upgrade your office’s acoustic properties with the Organoid picture absorbers. Simply hang the absorbers on the wall like a picture – use more or less absorbers as required.

“The acoustic panels have notably improved the acoustic properties of our conference hall. In addition to that, they are a great optical highlight for the room, and they often attract the looks of out visitors. The natural materials of the panels fit our values of sustainability and healthy indoor air quality perfectly.”

Sabrina Morn, Architect – Commune de Wiltz

Creating a great overall picture

We all love harmony – and when our rooms are visually coordinated, we feel at ease. With a coherent, naturally inspired room concept, you can take the office to the next level – making a good impression on clients and employees alike. A natural wall design, matching picture absorbers, a privacy screen that blends seamlessly into the surroundings and natural accents in several places make for a stylish overall look.

Check out the best-practice examples of our customers and get inspiration for your naturally pleasant working environment. We are also happy to advise you – feel free to get in touch, ask for samples and experience the natural effect of Organoid for yourself.