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Interior Trends 2024

2024 is here – and with it, many trend forecasts. We picked one of the arguably most influential sources – Vogue magazine – and put our very own natural spin on their predictions for the year to come. And we found that our natural product range is truly fit to emulate all of the current trends. We attribute that versatility to the way our philosophy fits in with the current megatrends of uniting luxury with sustainability, modern design with natural materials. So keep reading and find out more about the current trends in interior and get inspired by our interpretation of them. 

The Organoid® Interior Trends 2024:

Layered colour schemes

Acoording to Vogue, “Using a single hue for a room is out. In 2024, colour schemes that mix and match shades and tones are where the action is.”

Rooms are no longer either neutral or colourful. Instead, they can feature two or more tones. Dynamic mixtures of warmer and cooler shades, as well as overall softer and warmer shades (like our RAL-featured WEINBLÄTTER medium) will dominate the trends. Bold colours, like our ROSENBLÜTEN surface, will be featured in unexpected ways.

Products: ALMWIESE, WILDSPITZE ROSENGARTEN, SKELETTBLÄTTER medium Flexi, ROSENBLÜTEN | Projects: Barry Callebaut Headquarters

Rustic textures

Sleek and simple will continue to have its place in our homes, but in 2024, texture is all the rage! Organic, animated textures are in, according to Vogue. Clever nods to the natural world will dominate the interior design world – and we have just the right product range to fit that trend! Our surfaces with pure Alpine hay, like WILDSPITZE, feature a unique natural texture, while bolder choices like our KORNBLUME BLAU bring layered colours. Combine that with clever lighting choices, and your walls will bring the fascinating textural play of nature inside.  

Products: ALMWIESE, RELAX, BAMBOART MARGERITTA medium, KAFEELEDER, KORNBLUME BLAU | Projects: TAUERN SPA Zell am See – Kaprun, CARMEL Business Showroom Israel

Character over cookie-cutter

The cookie-cutter aesthetic of mass market furnishing is going out of style – and individual, unusual pieces are in. Think artisanal over mass-produced, bold over expected. The sterile, smooth look of prefab homes is giving way to more organic shapes, depth and character. Whimsical and unexpected elements take centre stage. Our colourful BERGWIESE with its playful pressed flowers, or our MOOS MIX with its exciting green hues add that clever organic, unusual element to interior concepts.  

Products: ALMWIESE, RELAX, KORNBLUME BLAU, WILDSPITZE HIMMELBLAU, BERGWIESE, ALMWIESE light | Projects: Bornwald Bornwald Pharmacy, bubble blowbar Singapore, Academy for Nature Conservation and Landscape Management

Sustainability front and centre  

Sustainability is more than just a trend. It is a collective consciousness forming around the concept of future-proofing our choices. This is also becoming more prevalent for designers and in our media. Different elements and materials can impact both our immediate surroundings and the environment.

There is a shift towards a more conscious selection of elements, environmental and social sustainability are often at the forefront of our decision-making process. Waste-reduction and transparency are of great importance to us at Organoid® – check out our sustainability philosophy here.  

Our surface MOOS MIX is made from upcycled moss. LAVENDEL medium uses lavender stems, a leftover product of French lavender farming. And our Alpine hay range is made from localls grown hay, supporting the biodiversity of the inner Alpine valleys.  

Products: KAFEELEDER, LAVENDEL medium, MOOS MIX, ALMWIESE, WILDSPITZE HIMMELBLAU, SKELETTBLÄTTER ANTHRAZIT light | Projects: Hotel Hochzillertal, Cybernet Headquarters in Tokyo, Honest Coffee Brussels, Cafe FLUZZ Kufstein

Hotel in the home

We continue to spend more and more time in our homes, and with that, the desire to add some elements of luxury is only natural. Replicating the luxurious feel of a great hotel for ourselves is surely an amazing long-term investment. After all, we spend most of our time at home, so creating a sensation of luxury and fabulousness right where we live actually makes sense. Bold wallpapers with luxurious materials create that effortless elegance. Check out our SKELETTBLÄTTER gold and our HOPFN medium – the elegance of real nature, paired with shimmering golden wallpaper is an absolute statement piece for your interior design.

Products: HOPFEN medium Gold | Projects: POSThome

Personal projects

In 2024, the focus will be on individuality. And what could be more personal than designing your own home, carefully selecting your favourite materials, reflecting your own taste, lifestyle and needs? One-of-a-kind projects are on the rise, giving authenticity and eclectic style elements the attention that they deserve. Unique, one-of a kind, custom-made surfaces by Organoid® can help create truly incredible spaces – you can be the designer of your very own individualised natural oasis. We are happy to work with you! 

Products: customised products | Projects: Hotel haldensee****, Pawlak Verputz GmbH, Hotel Jungbrunn, Restaurant Kyoto Japan

Statement floors

Floors have long been relegated to the literal bottom of the list when it comes to home features – but no more! In 2024, they will be the focal point in interior design. Colours and textures play a big role in conscious flooring selection, and our option with natural Alpine hay features both the natural colours, as well as the textures of real meadows. The feeling of stepping outside, made for your interior design. Take a look at our WILDSPITZE flooring here: 

Products: WILDSPITZE, KAKAU | Projects: Schleich working world, Barry Callebaut, aifach arosa

 All in all, we can see that nature takes the design world by storm – as it should. Opting for more environmentally friendly materials makes a true difference: both in interior design and in our collective effort to take steps in the right direction in terms of sustainability.

With Organoid®, you have just the right materials in hand to bring that future-proof design into everyday life. And the surfaces are guaranteed to stand out and leave a lasting impression. So, what are you waiting for? Check out our collection here and get your samples now. 

Header (c) POSThome by ThirtyOne Design + Management / Valentina Sommariva